SurF Vacation

Make your Spring Break a SURF Vacation!

Surf_Dude_Logo.jpgSpring break should be full of adventures, and trying to find an ATM that won't empty, instead of fill your wallet, shouldn't be one of them! Luckily, for you and many other credit union members, PCFCU is part of the SURF ATM Network. That means you have access to more surcharge-free ATMs across Maine than just about anyone. Credit union members can save at least an average of $300 a year on surcharge fees when using the SURF network - one of the largest ATM networks in the state! With the SURF network, 'no fees' means just that-not only will you see no fees at your ATM, there are no hidden fees anywhere else! In addition, a number of SURF ATM locations give thousands of Maine credit union members the ability to not only access cash but to also make deposits, surcharge-free.

Finding one of the over 200 surcharge-free ATMs in Maine is easy, wherever your adventures take you! An iPhone app allows you to find surcharge-free ATMs in Maine from your current location! The iPhone app is free, and lists all SURF ATMs, contact info, and mapping instructions. Visit the iTunes app store and download it today!

Wherever you're headed, plan on SURF-ing into savings this spring! For a complete listing of the SURF ATM locations in Maine, visit and click on "Find an ATM."