Visa Debit Card

Our Visa Debit Card (also known as a Visa Check Card) is a powerful financial tool.

Just one little card functions as a debit card and an ATM card, allowing you to withdraw cash** at any ATM that displays the SURF, CU24, NYCE or Visa logos. ATM transactions at ATM's on the SURF alliance have no surcharges, and of course we never charge you for any transaction made with your card as long as you have funds available*.

You can also make purchases of goods and services at any merchant that displays the Visa logo. Purchases are automatically withdrawn from your checking account, so there are no interest charges, and many merchants will even allow you to obtain cash back with your purchase**. With our Visa Debit Card in your wallet you can leave the checks and cash at home since you have the one card that does it all!

In order to obtain a Visa Debit Card you must have a checking account with the credit union and all accounts must be in good standing. Stop by a branch today to pick up your application for your Visa Debit Card, and Simplify Your Life or click here to print your own!

If you happen to lose your card, or your card is stolen, please call us immediately at (207) 827-3165. We will put a block on your current card and if you request, we'll order a new card for you. To report your card as lost or stolen after hours, call 1-800-472-3272.

Verified by Visa

Obtain added protection from fraud via online purchases when you enroll in the Verified by Visa program by CLICKING HERE

ATM Locators

Locate a SURF Alliance surcharge free ATM.

Locate a Visa worldwide ATM.

* Although we do not charge you for transactions made with your card the owner of the ATM might, so we recommend that whenever possible you use a SURF Alliance surcharge free ATM. Fees are imposed for NSF and returned deposit transactions as well as for initial card creation and/or replacement cards.

** Cash withdrawal and cash back transactions require the entry of your Personal Identification Number (P.I.N.).