Target Compromise

Penobscot County Federal Credit Union is aware of the data breach suffered by Target and impacting their consumers.

We have received information from VISA that identifies any PCFCU Debit/Credit Card accounts that may have been impacted. If your account has been compromised, every effort will be made to contact you by phone. Effected cardholders will also receive a letter in the mail.

If you are carrying a PCFCU VISA Card and your account has been identified as being compromised, we will reissue you a new card, at no charge, to protect you from unauthorized charges. We realize that the holiday season is not an ideal time for your card to be impacted so we will be holding off on closing these cards; effected cards will be closed on January 3, 2014. If you wish to cancel your card before you receive your new one please give us a call at 207-827-3165.

We encourage you to monitor your account activity by using any of our convenient services:

We thank you for your patience as we sort through this matter. We apologize for any inconvenience this 3rd party security breach may have caused you.

As we continue to monitor the recent Target compromise, we have learned of recent phishing emails related to the Target breach. The emails look like they are from Target and play on the fears of the public that they may have had their card compromised. Please be aware of this potential threat and proceed with caution if you receive an e-mail from Target. You should NOT OPEN any links that may be included in these emails as that could potentially allow additional access to your personal information. Target plans to post any and all emails to their breach-related site so its customers will know the difference between valid emails and phishing emails.