Penobscot Federal Credit Union was chartered on January 2, 1968 by NCUA for the employees of Penobscot County who worked in the Old Town Mill. The Credit Union added several other employee groups over the years and in 1987 the Board of Directors requested a charter expansion. The NCUA granted their request, and the Community Chartered Credit Union was now able to serve a larger group. In June of 2002 the Credit Union was approved for a further charter expansion to include all of Penobscot County. In order to more accurately reflect the larger field of membership but still keep its origin, the organization's name was changed to: Penobscot County Federal Credit Union. In June of 2003 Credit Union was approved for a "low-income designation" from NCUA.

In an effort to provide our quality family style services to a larger geographic area the Credit Union opened its first branch in Bangor, Maine in November 2002. A second branch opened in West Enfield, Maine in September of 2003 to better serve the members in Northern Penobscot County.

With dedicated support from our community the Credit Union has grown into a full service financial institution that has over 9,900 members and assets over $67 million. Penobscot County Federal Credit Union focuses on providing family style service and top notch consumer lending for the current and potential members of Penobscot County Federal Credit Union.