Visa Credit Cards

Rates effective as of 09/22/2017

Credit card rates are on the rise all across the country! PCFCU takes pride in our rates and will work to save you money. Call a loan officer today at 207-827-3165.

With a Visa Credit Card from Penobscot County Federal Credit Union you have the purchasing power to get what you want, when you want it! You have the ability to pay your monthly bill off each month, thus avoiding finance charges, or extend your payments over time - it's your choice.

Our Visa Credit Cards are so flexible, so versatile, and we've got competitive rates - why not apply for one right now using My P.A.L. or download the application here.

Click here for a form to request over-the-limit credit card coverage. If you would like a copy of your credit card agreement, please call 207-827-3165 or click here to request a copy by email.

Credit Card Disclosures
Credit Card Agreement

Teen Credit Cards

If you are 16-21 and have the means to repay any debt incurred, you may apply for a VISAÂİ Credit Card up to a $150 limit with a parental co-signer (over 21) who also has the means to repay debts.

A credit card is a great way to establish a favorable credit history!

Lost or Stolen Cards

If you happen to lose your card or unfortunately have your card stolen, please call us as soon as possible to report the card as lost or stolen at (207) 827-3165. We'll block your card and order a new one with a new card number. The new card will arrive in the mail in 7 to 10 business days. If you happen to need money before you receive the new card, we can process a cash advance for you at any of our three branches. After hours, please call 1-800-543-5073 to report your card as lost or stolen.

Visa Classic Credit Card
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