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As a financial services cooperative, we build lifelong relationships that support the success of our members and the communities we serve.

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Penobscot Federal Credit Union was chartered on January 2, 1968 by NCUA for the employees of the Old Town Mill. The Credit Union added several other employee groups over the years and in 1987 the Board of Directors requested a charter expansion. The NCUA granted their request, and the Community Chartered Credit Union was now able to serve a larger group. In June of 2002 the Credit Union was approved for a further charter expansion to include all of Penobscot County. In order to more accurately reflect the larger field of membership but still keep its origin, the organization's name was changed to: Penobscot County Federal Credit Union.

In an effort to provide our quality family style services to a larger geographic area the Credit Union opened its first branch in Bangor, Maine in November 2002. A second branch opened in West Enfield, Maine in September of 2003 to better serve the members in Northern Penobscot County. In June 2016, Penobscot County Federal Credit Union finalized its’ merger with Howland-Enfield Federal Credit Union, in which the combined credit unions began operating as PCFCU. As a result of the merger, the Credit Union relocated the West Enfield branch to Howland.

Making of a Stronger Credit Union

In planning for the future, the boards of directors of The County FCU and Penobscot County FCU realized that a combined organization would bring much greater strength than each could provide on its own. The banking industry is always changing, and quite simply, the boards wanted to bring its members the best value from their credit unions and ensure that the credit unions continue to grow and thrive. The partnering of The County FCU and Penobscot County FCU provided the much-needed expansion in markets and products along with the financial strength to succeed.

Some History of The County Federal Credit Union

The County Federal Credit Union was originally organized as Loring Federal Credit Union in 1956 to serve military and civilians that worked at Loring Air Force Base.

Joseph Bouchard Jr. was hired as the credit union’s first full-time manager in 1958. In 1964, Loring Federal Credit Union reached 2 million in assets, making it the state’s largest credit union. Holy Rosary Credit Union merged with Loring Federal Credit Union in 1969, making it the first Department of Defense credit union to expand into the local community. The following decades brought several other mergers with Loring Federal Credit Union: ACAP Federal Credit Union, Maine Sugar Industries Federal Credit Union, Limestone-Caswell Federal Credit Union, Presque Isle Federal Credit Union, Pamsong Federal Credit Union, MPG Federal Credit Union, Houlton Federal Credit Union, and Penobscot County Federal Credit Union.

A name change to The County Federal Credit Union would occur in 1983 to better represent the communities the credit union was serving. In 1988, Joseph Bouchard Jr. retired and was replaced by Patrick St. Peter. In 1990, it was announced that Loring Air Force Base would be closed in 1994. Shortly after the announcement, the credit union moved its main office from Sawyer Road to Bennett Drive in Caribou. In 1993, a new branch office was opened in Fort Fairfield.  In 2001, after 37 years of service, Patrick St. Peter retired.

On October 1, 2010, The County Federal Credit Union completed its most recent merger by joining with Houlton Federal Credit Union.  This merger expanded the existing field of membership to include all communities in Aroostook County south of Presque Isle. A new building at 247 North Street for our Houlton office opened on January 22, 2013. Later that year, iTalk was introduced, a new and improved telephone banking service, and soon after, County MoGO, The credit union’s mobile banking app, was made available.

After Kenneth Hensler’s retirement, Ryan Ellsworth was named President and CEO of The County Federal Credit Union in March of 2014. With a vision of growth, several developments were put into motion.


In June of 2019, The County FCU Board of Directors and the Penobscot County FCU Board of Directors voted to pursue a merger. After completing a field of membership expansion that included all of Aroostook, Penobscot, and Piscataquis Counties, members of PCFCU voted in favor of a merger on December 21, 2020. The merger was completed on January 1, 2021.  At present, our membership has increased to almost 31,000, with assets totaling over $411,000,000, ranking us in the top 10 largest credit unions in Maine (as of March 2021).

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