What is my credit union routing and transit number?


Are my deposits at PCFCU federally insured?

Yes, the National Credit Union Administration insures PCFCU deposits in your share savings up to $250,000.

What do I need to open an account?

If you are eligible for membership, you can open a share savings account with as little as ten dollars. Documents required for opening an account include a copy of your photo identification and your social security number. An acceptable substitute for photo I.D. for youth and teen accounts is a birth certificate.

How do I add someone to my account?

In order to add a joint to an already existing account, all parties must be present. The owner of the account, along with any current/new joint owners, will be required to provide the Credit Union with up-to-date photo identification and a new membership card will need to be completed and signed.

How do I change my address?

In order to comply with federal regulations, we must have a written notice that your address has changed. A change of address form must be completed and signed before we can forward your mail to your new address. Download our change of address form.

How long will it take to receive my debit card?

Upon filling out the VISA debit card application, it will take approximately 7-10 business days for you to receive your card in the mail.