Share (Savings) Account

Item Fee Amount
Account Creation $5.00 Per account

Share Draft (Checking) Account

Item Fee Amount
Paid Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) draft $29.00 Per item
Returned Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) draft $29.00 Per item
CU24 Visa® Debit Card $10.00 Per card
Replacement CU24 Visa Debit Card $5.00 Per card
New PIN for Visa Debit Card $5.00 Per occurrence
Copy of Share draft $5.00 Per copy
Checking Printing Price varies by style & quantity  
Negative daily balance $1.00 Per day

Other Accounts (applies to all accounts unless indicated)

Item Fee Amount
Account research / reconciliation $20.00 Per hour
ATM/Debit Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) $29.00 Per transaction
Returned deposited item $25.00 Per item
Stop payment fee $25.00 Per request
Copy of Official Check $15.00 Per copy
Dormant account fee $29.00 Per account
Statement copy fee $3.00 Per copy
Returned statement $5.00 Per statement
Wire transfer (outgoing domestic) $25.00 Per transfer
Wire transfer (outgoing foreign) $40.00 Per transfer
Wire transfer (share to share) $10.00 Per transfer
Money Order $2.00 Per item
Official checks (valid for 90 days) $5.00 Per check
More than six (6) withdrawals per month (Savings, Clubs, Money Markets) $1.00 Per withdrawal
ACH NSF Returns $29.00 Per item
Courtesy Pay $29.00 Per item
Early withdrawal from Christmas Club $10.00 Per transaction
Consumer late fee (15-day grace period) $25.00 Per occurrence
Re-open closed Share within 180 days $10.00 Per account
Incoming wire transfer (bank or credit union) $10.00 Per transfer
Non-Member check cashing (restrictions apply) $15.00 Per check
Non-Member Notary service $15.00 Per document
Returned electronic statement notification $1.00 Per month
Bill Pay service fee (non-Kasasa account) $2.00 Per month
Overdraft Transfer fee $3.00 Per occurrence
Coin Machine usage fee 5% Of transaction
Copies $1.00 Per item
Fax Service $1.00 Per item
Subordination fee $200.00 Per occurrence
Legal Processing fee for Summons, Levies, & Writs $75.00 Per occurrence
Inactivity fee (no transactions over 12-month period) $5.00 Annually
Gift card and Reloadable card* $4.95 Per card
Reload fee for Reloadable card* $4.95 Per occurrence
Secure in-branch shredding (non-Kasasa account) $3.00 Per 3lbs each month

*Additional fees may apply — see CU for details